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I am a future elementary school teacher who loves to read and try new books both inside and outside of the classroom. This blog is dedicated to cataloging and keeping up with all the books I would like to use in my future classroom as well as ways I can use them in my classroom! 

The TRUE Story of the 3 Little Pigs!

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith

Do you ever wonder what the bad guys are thinking in a story? Well in this version of The Three Little Pigs you get to find out! This is the Big Bad Wolf's side of the story. The big bad wolf only wanted to borrow some sugar for his grandmothers cake. But things become disastrous when he starts sneezing due to a cold! And why waste a perfectly good meal? This is such a fun book that will have kids wondering if they really know the true story of a common fairytale. Not only does this teach kids that there is two sides to every story, but it is also wonderful to teach compare and contrast. An activity I would have students do with this story is to have students compare and contrast the original story to this one. You could also have students write a journal entry on whose side they believe is the real story. 


Lexile Measurement:  AD510L