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I am a future elementary school teacher who loves to read and try new books both inside and outside of the classroom. This blog is dedicated to cataloging and keeping up with all the books I would like to use in my future classroom as well as ways I can use them in my classroom! 


Hooray for Reading Day!

Hooray for Reading Day! - Margery Cuyler, Arthur Howard

This book is a wonderful reminder for students who might struggle with reading themselves. Jessica has trouble reading aloud in class and is very discouraged by it, especially when all her classmates laugh at her about it. When Jessica learns that they are going to have a Readers Theater day at school, she is so nervous that she is going to mess up in front of not only her class but all the parents there too! However, once Jessica practices and practices she blows her Readers Theater out of the water when the time comes! I related to this book when I read it in my teaching of reading class because I was a struggler when it came to reading for a long time. I think this would be such a powerful book to share with struggling reader to show that they are definitely not alone. An activity I would have students complete with this book is having students complete a writing activity about how they feel when they have to read out loud. While it may show that some students are confident and excited to read out loud, there will also be students who will feel comforted by the fact they they do not enjoy reading out loud and there are classmates who feel the exact same way!


Lexile Measurement: AD380L